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Toss that golden coin within your pocket into darkest, deepest Ullswater under no illusion that it's ever coming back in an amount equal to itself, or multiplied ten-thousand-fold, for when it finally surfaces it will no longer be gold. And you choose a lonely path when you choose to wander all alone under lofty canopies of sickly shaded sycamores, among the rocky outcrops of lichen-covered stone down into the cold valley that is waiting, gaping down below.
Those who choose to settle by the shores of that freshwater rarely know the beauty of the sunshine others know, yet the course of their own histories, lost unto the fray, has made them most familiar with the shifting wall of gray of that dark oppressive landscape --- looks more and more foreboding; its weight sat like an omen on the skyline --- a vivid warning. As clouds cluster up and blacken, see how they loom, see how they threaten a particular brand of violence to anything below.
So starts torrential downpour; batters hard upon the canvas amplifying each and every droplet, each and every sound until it forms a brutish drumming lacking rhythm, lacking structure, lacking any sense of timing, pounding hard upon the ground. And there’s the baying of the cattle, so very sad and distant --- I could lose myself to Sorrow and just stay that way forever. Makes me think of missing children lost to heavy weather --- dark and gusty midnight snowfall --- wandering lost upon the edge.


from A Lion Walks Among Us, released March 24, 2017
Rob – Vocal, Acoustic 12 String, Nylon & Electric Guitars, Bass, Programming
Scott – Additional Drums



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Silverlode Leeds, UK

Silverlode is a indie rock and folk band from Leeds, UK.

We are an folk band in the broadest sense of the word; self-taught musical ruffians who play to our own traditions; we play heavy and we play softly; we are into aggressive whimsey and that kind of thing.

Take a wander through the diverse catalogue of recordings. Or go crazy and join our Community.

Rob, Scott, Han, Mo and Gaz
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